Care Badges for our 600+ Specialist Carers!

Care Badges for our 600+ Specialist Carers!
They have arrived!!! The Department of Health and Social Care is providing CARE badges to our HFH specialist carers, to recognise their critical work supporting vulnerable clients at home, particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We want to thank our carers for the tireless work they have done and continue to do in support of our vulnerable clients, allowing them to stay safe, well and protected. We know that they will wear their CARE badges as a symbol of pride for the incredible values and skills that they embody within complex care.

Our Carers:

  • 600+ Carers across London & Home Counties have passed through our inhouse HFH Training Academy. We do not outsource any practical training to other providers, which strengthens our service through oversight, supervision and clinical governance throughout our carer pathway. Our unique approach results in greater support and professional development for our care team members and safer care and continuity for our clients.  
  • 350 Carers >3 years experience within complex care.
  • 300 “Tier 3” Carers trained and assessed by each client's Nurse Case Manager to deliver clinical skills which include: 

i) Airway management which includes high risk tracheostomy care with or without ventilator dependency.

ii) Oral suctioning.

iii) Medications administered via gastric feeding tubes.

iv) Monitoring clients of symptoms of autonomic dysreflexia.

v) De-escalation of behaviours that challenge.

vi) Bowel Care (including Peristeen Irrigation system) and bladder wash outs.

vii) Cough Assist for clients whose lungs have a reduced ability / strength.

Viii) Sub-Cutaneous Injections.

Our Carer Pathway:

  • Client specific recruitment and compliance.
  • HFH specific induction and clinical training with the HFH Nurse Practice Educator Team.
  • Client introductions and shadowing.
  • Client specific skills assessment and sign-off with HFH Nurse Case Manager.
  • Placement into Client Core Team.
  • Regular Client feedback.
  • Ongoing nurse assessment, supervision & training.
  • Ongoing assurance / mandatory training.

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