HFH Healthcare Update: 3rd Edition 14.09.20

HFH Healthcare Update: 3rd Edition 14.09.20

HFH Healthcare Update: 3rd Edition 14.09.20

This winter will place unique pressures on the health and care system. COVID-19 will be co-circulating with seasonal flu and other viruses, and transmission may increase over the winter period. 

You will already be aware that the country is experiencing a rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases and over the past 7 days, Public Health England (PHE) has reported the rise in notifications of COVID-19 cases is being reflected in care homes.

In this, our third edition of HFH Update we draw your attention to:

  • our ability to care for and safeguard your current clients;
  • a safe and financially viable alternative to short notice discharges into the client’s own home; and
  • capacity to help, thereby freeing valuable resources to prepare for general winter and second wave pressures

HFH Covid-19 Service Adaptations:

Flexible approach to safe discharge:

  • Modified Assessment & Onboarding Process to maintain social distancing
  • Wider MDT involvement to facilitate a faster discharge
  • HFH Nurses receive client at home for smooth transition
  • Increased clinical visits to manage the increased client/family anxiety
  • HFH Clinical Team help coordinate consumable requirements between the discharging trust, district nursing teams, G.P’s and specialist suppliers

Our Clients:

  • Client specific Covid-19 risk assessment and welfare checks in place for all packages
  • HFH Core Teams - regular carers provide continuity to clients and reduce foot traffic to homes

Our Nurse Case Managers:

  • HFH Clinical Team, on call 24hrs, trained in Covid-19 safety and prevention protocols
  • Client specific training and supervision for all care team members in the home
  • Optimal caseload of 10-15 clients per Nurse Case Manager
  • Investment in technology - community-based working, maintaining social distancing and increasing patient contact time as required

Recruitment & Training:

  • Inhouse training academy to prevent delays and governance challenges of outsourced training
  • Reduced class size to maintain social distancing


  • HFH Clinical Team trained to provide specific FFP3 mask fit testing for all carers supporting clients with care needs that include Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP)
  • Weekly PPE monitoring with all care teams

Clinical Governance Team

  • Latest evidenced based government guidance sent to our clients and care teams
  • Registered with the Department of Health & Social Care’s Covid-19 Keyworker Testing Program
  • Covid-19 specific sickness reporting and notification process for all staff

How we can help:

  • HFH Healthcare is a specialist pan-London provider for adults and children with complex medical conditions in their own home.
  • Our objective is to provide our clients risk managed, personalised support, empowering them to live the life they choose beyond their clinical care needs.
  • Our value proposition to CHC Commissioners is high quality, patient centred care with significant savings when safely stepping down nurse delivered packages to HFH Core Carer Teams.

The main client conditions we support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ventilator Care
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Enteral Feeding (PEG, PEJ, NG)
  • Continence Care (catheter, bowel management and stoma)
  • Most of our clients need 24/7 support, shifts or live-in

If you have any questions, wish to discuss a potential referral assessment or review current packages, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Lead Nurses via our referral contacts:

Pandemic Testimonials:

“We are now 4 weeks into our association with HFH & wanted our feedback on record. We have been delighted with the service provided from initial meeting, through familiarisation visits, to the carers becoming established in our home, it has all been seamless. The follow up & support from the nurse management team has been excellent too. We cannot speak highly enough of the carers themselves. All are friendly, skilled, adaptable & empathic. We had expected to spend this last chapter surrounded by family & friends but Covid 19 has meant we rely on 'strangers' ......... except they are not. All are becoming friends & the support of each & every one of them is invaluable. Thank you!” - SH, Surrey

To the CQC… “I would like to endorse the excellent care and attention HFH provide, with regular phone calls made to L, particularly during the present crisis,  to ensure the care she was receiving was up to standard, and then to commend the Management and staff at HFH Healthcare” - JH, Islington

“Our carer is always so helpful she makes sure all machines are clean, changes circuits & any parts that have to be changed regularly, she keeps a record of medication, stock & rotates everything. She has been a huge help to us!” – JW, Hounslow

“My Care-Coordinator has communicated so well with introducing new staff and always considering my point of view. We speak daily for a catch up and this has helped with my anxiety as my Care-Coordinator is taking the lead but keeping me informed” - KB, Waltham Forest

“M’s empathy and high personal standards is, in my experience, unique amongst carers and makes for a happy, congenial home atmosphere. I have been disabled for over eight years and have been subjected to more carers than I care to remember. M has fitted in with my wife, son and other employees and has been by far the best carer we have employed, more like having a favourite niece in the home than an employee. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend her for "Carer of the Year." – KG, Central London

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