Message from HFH

Dear Clients


IMPORTANT - clarification of changes in use of PPE with your client sent on 7th May 2020


The majority of our Carers have taken on the change in guidance on provision and use of PPE which we shared with you on 7th May. I very much appreciate their commitment and support in working with us to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to you, to them and to their HFH colleagues

However, we have been contacted by some of our clients who are concerned that some of their Carers are not making use of the new PPE. These clients are concerned that not following latest guidance is putting both their Carers and themselves at unnecessary risk.

Our Nurse Case Managers have contacted the Carers that they have been made aware are not following the latest guidance. They have spoken with them to find out why they are not using the PPE, make sure they are aware of the importance that they do follow the guidance and provided support and advice to help them do so.

We have also sent out a further clarification email to all our Carers thanking them for working with us and emphasising the importance of using the PPE provided. We have asked that if they are concerned or unsure they contact their Nurse Case Manager for support and clarification.

If you are concerned because you feel any member of your team is not following using PPE appropriately, please contact your nurse Case Manager so they can speak with the Carer and yourself and resolve the issue.

Thank you for working with us to keep you safe

Best wishes

Sent on behalf of Paula Friend Managing Director and HFH

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