​Easing the transition from Child to Adult Care Services

At HFH Healthcare we are committed to providing care on a long-term basis. All young people face challenges as they approach adulthood and those with complex care needs have still greater ones ahead of them. This is because when they transition from child to adult care services they experience significant changes within the healthcare system.

This can be a distressing and de-stabilising experience both for the child and their parents and may involve the requirement to consult with several different healthcare and therapy teams and adult care services. As a result, there is a risk that confusion or frustration may contribute to a breakdown in the care quality and continuity.

At HFH Healthcare, we understand what is involved in this transition and have the knowledge and experience to navigate through it on your behalf while maintaining their existing care team if desired. We offer parents peace of mind and assurance that their children will continue to receive the care and support they need as they enter the adult world and go on to meet their healthcare and personal goals.