Jamie's story

Jamie is a five-year-old boy who was born with only his right lung and right kidney. His lung is abnormally narrow with a weakness in the airways, and he has undergone surgery to have a stent fitted to open them up and improve his breathing.

Jamie is on a palliative care pathway and was being cared for at home by his Mum on a full-time basis, with help from a care agency. This care package unfortunately broke down when he developed complications and had to be re-admitted to hospital where he had an extended stay. Once his condition was stable, HFH Healthcare were commissioned to take over Jamie’s care.

Jamie’s Care Requirement

We met Jamie and his Mum at the hospital, where the Paediatric Nurse discussed his needs in detail, involving the relevant Healthcare Professionals who had been caring for him during his time in hospital. This led to the development of an individualised Palliative Care Plan that would allow Jamie to leave hospital and continue to receive the right level of care back at home. Jamie needed a tracheostomy with regular tube changes and ventilation. He also needed artificial feeding directly through his stomach wall through a MIC-KEY system which has a detachable tube, allowing him to move around freely between feeds.

We assured Jamie and his Mum that we could provide caring staff who could deliver a similar level of care in their home as he had received in hospital and that everything would be under the guidance and supervision of the Paediatric Nurse. Under nurse supervision, HCAs undertook full specialist clinical training both at the hospital and in Jamie’s home to ensure they were fully competent to deliver his care. While these clinical procedures addressed his respiratory and feeding needs, further desired outcomes were that Jamie could start school, which he had not yet been able to do and fulfil his dream of visiting Peppa Pig World.