Josh's Story

Josh, a bright and physically active student, was 20 when he suffered life-changing injuries following a diving accident. He was admitted to a specialist spinal unit where he was diagnosed with a complete C1 spinal cord injury and Quadriplegia. Josh then faced nine months of intensive rehabilitation before he was ready to leave hospital and his care and rehab was to continue at home.

His Care Needs

As soon as it was decided Josh should be discharged, HFH Healthcare went to visit him and his family at the unit to assess his ongoing care and rehab needs. We discussed his care needs in detail and he and his family were reassured about the quality of care he would receive and the processes involved.

Because of the severity of his injuries, Josh’s needs were extensive. He needed ventilation via a tracheostomy, full tracheostomy care management including suctioning, gastrostomy feeding, daily bowel management and evacuation, and suprapubic catheter management. He also needed regular monitoring and medication management for autonomic dysreflexia due to his spinal cord injury.

Our nursing team completed a fully personalised care plan covering every aspect of Josh’s care and his rehab goals, including his desire one day to resume his University course. A team of HCAs received full training at our skills laboratory in all the clinical interventions Josh would need. His plan also included liaison with his tutors and provision of resources so Josh could study at home.

Josh was introduced to his carefully chosen care team members who worked with him on the unit for a period before his discharge so he and they could all get to know each other. Once these processes were completed Josh felt confident and prepared for his discharge and his care team travelled home with him from the unit on the day. He then began rebuilding his life.